Emergency Funds for Destroyed Businesses

No matter how you look at it, fires are disastrous and terrifying. Whether naturally occurring, accidental or caused by arson, fires can unfold chaos and fear, and destroy everything in their wake.

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Aside from the immediate effects, what are more devastating fires can bring us are the effects that can impact us in years to come. This is especially true for business owners who have their business establishments destroyed by fire.

A fire can cause severe damage to business equipment, materials, and structures. As a business owner, focusing on fire risk assessment, fire prevention, and educating your employees about business fire safety and prevention can help reduce your chance of fire and smoke aftermath.

Fires can create terrible consequences to small businesses and one of the worst effects fires can bring is downtime. Downtime can mean you are unable to contact customers, deliver goods, provide scheduled services, or anything that causes you to fail to deliver what you’ve promised. This can cause small businesses loss of customers and a sullied reputation. This downtime can have a huge effect on revenue and your business will have a difficult time recovering old customers and making back lost money.

In the longer run, fire incidents can also result the business to difficulty in attracting new employees. This is true if it comes to light that the appropriate fire safety measures weren’t put into place after experiencing a devastating fire. Negligence shows carelessness to the health and safety of those who step foot on your business establishment – and these can seriously affect your business’ ability to attract talented and capable employees.

There are a lot of things you can do in order to prevent fire, however, there are times that no matter how much you prepare yourself, you can’t avoid it especially when your business is agriculture and is based near the forest or mountain.

Just like what happened in the town of Tingha in northern NSW where homes and businesses were destroyed by fire. Read the full story right here: https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/business/small-business/grants-loans-and-tax-assistance-for-small-businesses-impacted-by-devastating-bushfires