Strategy Analytic Finds Strong Consumer Interest in Security and Remote Monitoring and Control

Technology has raised the level of protection and security exponentially, making it a lot easier for home and business owners to defend their material possessions. The level of protection these days has really increased more than what it used to be even just a few years ago.

The installation of wireless video cameras, motion detectors and video recording in combination with internet-based remote monitoring have definitely intimidated burglars and made them change their mind. Aside from a higher level of protection for your material possessions, there are also some advantages these technologies can offer such as convenience and elegance.

Because of these advantages, a lot of people are already planning or have already installed these security systems on their homes or offices. In fact, according to an article posted Hidden Wires, there is an increasing rate of demand for home monitoring and security technology.

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Filing Cabinet Lock Installation

To those who have loads of documents to keep, storage file cabinets are really a great help. It can secure all files that are important documents and we believe we will use them later on. These documents may have legal implications such as contracts, receipts, reports or any document that you believe that has importance.

Even in today’s digital world where almost all files are stored through electronic storages, electronic filing may still use storage cabinets since these electronic files are saved in discs and these discs are then stored in cabinets.

Since almost all the things that are kept inside a filing cabinet are important, it is necessary to secure it and protect your cabinet against burglar. This can be done by securing it with a reliable lock.

If you want to install a lock onto your cabinet, you can check out the video below for the simple steps:

Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint door lock access systems are the latest security systems these days; they are the new wave of home and business security facilities. Unlike the traditional locks, these modern locks are dependent of conventional keys. That’s why; they easier to use and more convenient since you won’t have to worry about your keys being lost or stolen.

Obviously, fingerprint locking system requires your fingerprints instead of a key to unlock a door. Generally, this system is comprised of 3 major parts: a pad containing small scanners, a database which includes the fingerprints of authorised people and a power supply.

This type of door lock is best not only for offices and other businesses, but for homes as well. They provide high security, convenience and elegance.

An article posted at Security World News can help you better understand fingerprint door locks. The article talks about the benefits and it also gives some tips on how to buy the right one for you.

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How to Install an Electronic Door Lock

Locks have been available for over 2,000 years and traditional locks all have mechanical parts. So, they are therefore vulnerable to manipulation by tools. In fact, a professional locksmith can open one of these locks in a few minutes. Granted that locksmith has training, and specialised tools, what if professional burglars also underwent the same training?

Regarding this issue, installing a digital door lock instead of a traditional one can be your best solution. An electronic lock has no exposed parts to be picked. For this reason, you have to hack the access credentials to bypass these types of locks.

However, some homeowners believe that installing this lock type of lock is difficult. This is one of the main reasons why they do not want to have one on their doors. However, the video below can prove you the other way around. It shows the simple steps on how you can install an electronic door lock. Check it out!


4 Simple Gadgets for Additional Home Security

Many homeowners have already taken the basic security moves such as installing durable and reliable locks and may be even security cameras and alarms to secure their homes. That’s because security is without a doubt the top priority for all homeowners. Therefore, every homeowner needs to be able to protect his or her family, property, and valuables.

Sadly, modern day criminals are already knowledgeable about getting through some of those security facilities. They are already equipped with high-tech tools and techniques. So, as homeowners, we really need to be more advanced. And the best way of doing this is by using highly advanced gadgets that have the ability to give you extra security.

An article posted at can help you in finding the right security gadgets you can use. The article features 4 gadgets that give you additional home security.

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Basic Locksmith Guide: Garage Door Lock Installation

We can’t deny the fact that a lot of people love cars. So, a lot of people built their own garage inside their vicinity, usually near their home. In our garage, we often place some of our tools and machines; mostly, it is the place where we keep our equipment used in gardening, mechanics, etc.

Therefore, just like how we protect out homes, we also need to put extra effort in protecting our garage against burglars and thieves. We really need to secure it with proper and strong locks in order to prevent break-ins. Furthermore, we also need to use bolts to make sure that our locks are strong enough.

For more about installing a lock onto your garage door, you can watch the video below:

Comcast Homeware to Power Window Shades, Garage Doors

This can be confusing but window shades are different from window blinds. They are different in several key aspects even though many people use these two terms interchangeably. It is important for homeowners to understand their differences so that when you go shopping for window shades, they will be able to get the right one that you need.

Window shades are often less focused in terms of security. What most homeowners know is that they are often the access point of intruders just like garage doors. Burglars can also get in a home through the garage. So, we really need to install good locks to these two areas of the house to protect your home against intruders.

An article posted at Electronic House talks about window shades and garage door security. The article features a new and advanced way of protecting such areas through automation.

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How to Open an Electronic Safe

Aside from the furniture inside your homes or businesses, there are also some other smaller things (in terms of size) that we need to keep and protect from other unauthorised persons. So, we make sure that they are kept in somewhere nothing else has an access to it but you. Related to that, the best way of hiding your valuable belongings such as jewellery, documents and cash is inside a reliable safe.

The most important feature on a safe is the lock, arguably. Perhaps, without it, it would simply be a steel chest waiting to be emptied. So, manufacturing companies make sure that they are well-protected. Today, they are even installed with highly sophisticated locking system – electronic locks.

However, some people are hesitant to use electronic safes because they thought that they are more difficult to open and close. Luckily, you can check out the video included in this blog post; the video shows how to open an electronic safe.

Hands On: Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt

When burglars and thieves target a house, the physical damage and loss is evident but what they take more destructive from a family is also peace of mind and the feeling of security. Luckily, the security systems, especially those which are keyless, that keep businesses safe can also help protect your home and family from theft and break-ins.

Innovations in home security and locking system have come a long way from manual locks and key system to digital and biometric locks. Because of the increasing rate of crimes in societies, the demand for home and business security systems has dramatically increased. So, locks these days are more complex and sophisticated.

Deadbolts are one of the toughest security-provider on front doors and today, they are also available in keyless feature. For more on digital deadbolts, you can check out an article posted at Electronic House; the article features Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt.

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Home & Business Security: Biometric Fingerprint Locks

Biometric locks have changed the face of security, whether on homes, cars, offices, etc. This type of locking system uses a specific human characteristic, such as a fingerprint, iris, or hand instead of a key. Meanwhile, fingerprint locks are the most popular as they are the most commonly used and seen.

Biometric fingerprint locks work by scanning and identifying the unique structure of your fingerprint. This lock checks if it matches a print which has already been programmed into the lock. If it does match, access is granted in a matter of seconds.

Fingerprint locks offer more reliable security over traditional keyed locks. Fingerprints are completely unique; unlike keys which can be used by anyone and are small enough to be lost.

For more about biometric finger locks, check out the video below: